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Bike Beijing
Bike Beijing
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Beijing transport

The scale of the city militates against taking bus number 11 - Chinese slang for walking - almost anywhere, and most of the main streets are so straight that going by foot soon gets tedious. The public transport system is extensive but somewhat over-subscribed; most visitors tire of the heaving buses pretty quickly and take rather more taxis than they'd planned. The metro is speedy but not extensive. Cycling is a good alternative, though, with plenty of rental outlets in the city.

Even though every one of the city's 200-odd bus and trolleybus services runs about once a minute, you'll find getting on or off at busy times hard work (rush hours are from 7-9am & 4.30-6pm). Forget about trying to see much of the city...

Clean, efficient, graffiti-free and very fast, the subway is an appealing alternative to the bus, though again be prepared for enforced intimacies during rush hours. Mao Zedong ordered its construction in 1966, and more than 20km were open...

Taxis come in all shapes and sizes, but all have a sticker in the back window which indicates the rate per kilometre. Luxury sedans are the most expensive, at ¥2 per kilometre with a minimum fare of ¥12; the common red "bulletheads", which have...

Cycle-rickshaws should be treated with caution. Although they are good for short trips (they will travel a good couple of kilometres for ¥5), drivers can be hard to barter down and may demand more money when you get out. Make sure you both agree on...

Bike rental
As a positive alternative to relying on public transport, it's worth renting a bike . Many of the cheaper hotels rent bikes on a daily basis and will negotiate weekly rates. Shops tend to be cheaper but rent only by the hour or the day. Figure...

Car rental
The hassles and expense of renting a car mean it's only an option for residents. You need a special licence issued by the PSB for which you need a work card, a residence card and a licence from your own country, and you need to have a health check. Apply...

Organized tours of the city and its outskirts offer a painless if expensive way of seeing all the sights quickly. CITS offers a wide variety of one- and two-day tour packages, which you can book from their offices or from the information desk in the...