To explore the Kingdom you'll only find on bicycle;
Healthy,Fun,Environmentally Friendly.

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Bike Beijing
Bike Beijing
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Beijing Bicycle Rental

THE best way to explore Beijing is ride a bicycle!
Ride a bike and get around anywhere of Beijing! Healthy, economical, amusive, in addition, it's environment-friendly transport, Cool sport! Have an really impressive tour. A bike tour really can cut the travel budget and make more fun. As a positive alternative to relying on public transport, it's worth renting a bike .

Travel with Passion!!! Dont sleep on the bus. Ride on a bike, keep fit, healthy life style.

Still, riding around Beijing is less daunting than riding around many Western cities as there are bike lanes on all main roads and you are in the company of plenty of other cyclists, indeed several million at rush hours.

If you have a new bike or a mountain bike you should get lock, as theft is common. You are supposed to park your bike at the numerous bike parks , where you pay ¥0.2 to the attendant.