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Bike Beijing
Bike Beijing

Great Wall bike Trips

The great wall bike trips are special experience to anyone,it says:who we are if we haven't been to the great wall.2008 Beijing Olympic cycling race finish point is the Great Wall.It is the only manmade architecture on earth that can be seen from space by nare eyes.

"Our guide was great-very flexible with customizing our route according to what we wanted to see.He was also very knowledgable about things we saw on the way.We would do this again! "-Joe Atkinson USA

"This bike tour was a great introduction to Beijing. it was so much better than being in a car or trains to see so
much on foot. you are a wonderful guide! you gave us a lot fo information about the world of both the emperors
and the life of ordinary people . keep on biking Beijing!"
said Jim Wallace Washionton
"Thanks again for the beautiful Great Wall ride we had, it was a great day and a great tour.I will recommend you to some friends which are planning to go to Beijing and I hope to be back in a couple of months myself!!"
we had an excellent tour of the Forbidden city and the surrounding area. George was able to provide great details
about the places we saw and happily answered all of our questions. being able to see the buck sweets without all the
tourists was a great chage from the usual tours we've been on, and really gave us a new perspection on life in Beijing.
said by Jimie Wallace
'The Best Way to See Beijing, during the Olympics i participated at a tour with an American family organized from BICYCLE KINGDOM, We had a fantastic experience,it is in deed the best way to see Beijing on a bike."
"What a terrific way to see spectacular natural settings,while getting a great workout.BicycleKingdom Guides sensed just the proper pace for our group.It was really fun,and look forward to doing it again."Hai Findlay - Greenwich,Connecticut USA