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Bike Beijing
Bike Beijing
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Rich in history, Beijing has been China’s primary capital for more than seven centuries. China’s imperial past and political present meet at Tiananmen square, where the Forbidden City palace of the emperors gives way to the Great Hall of the People congress building and the mausoleum of Chairman Mao Zedong. The old city walls have been replaced by ring roads, and many of the old residential districts of alleys and courtyard houses have been turned into high-rise hotels, office buildings, and department stores. Beijing, a dynamic city where the old and new intermingle, remains a magnet for visitors from inside and outside China.

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Riding a Bicycle in Beijing  the capital of China is an unique, basic, ultimate experience everyone should have, it is the best way to explore the culture and the real history of China.  The Great Wall, Panda and commuting bicycles are seen as the 3 symbols of China.   One can imagine there are over nine million bicycles in Beijing!

Beijing looks so much better once you're pedalling, a bike shortens those long dreary stretches, avoids the footpath throng, and helps you feel a lot more like a local.

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