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Bike Beijing
Bike Beijing


BB151 Beijing Outskirt Highlights Bike Tour (15 day )


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  • Bashang Grassland

Generally, Bashang Grasslands include four parts namely Fengning Bashang, Zhangbei Bashang, Weichang Bashang and Guyuan Bashang. The four parts are located in four different counties in Hebei Province. For visitors from Beijing, Fengning Bashang is the site that is most accessible.

The special climate and geographical position at the junction of the North China Plain and Inner Mongolia Grasslands give Bashang its unique natural landscapes and make it a popular destination for tourists and photographers. The yearly average temperature here is around 15 degrees.

The period from June through September is the best time for visiting. The average temperature ranges from 17 degrees to 19 degrees during this period, about 10 degrees lower than that in downtown Beijing. Horse riding, camping, watching local wrestling competitions, or staying in farmers’ Mongolian yurts to eat whole roast sheep and other plain foods are the main attractions for visitors. Vast lakes, sunrises and sunsets over the grasslands provide great views for city dwellers who have grown tired of the urban sprawl. Grassland tourism in Bashang is a recent phenomenon.

SiMaTai Great Wall

The most beautiful part of Great wall,the only original Great wall of Ming dynasity.

Simatai Great Wall. which is well-known for its five characters of “steepness, compactness, queerness, wonderfulness, and comprehensiveness”, is located inGubeikou Town to the north-east of Miyun, Beijing. Simatai Great wall is exquisite in its details and is grand as a whole, which is the only part of ancient Great Walls with the original features of Ming Dynasty well reserved.


In 1703, Chengde was chosen by the Kangxi Emperor as the location for his summer residence. Constructed throughout the eighteenth century, the Mountain Resort (避暑山庄; literally "avoiding the heat mountain villa") was used by both the Yongzheng and Qianlong emperors. Since the seat of government followed the emperor, Chengde was a political center of the Chinese empire during these times.The elaborate Mountain Resort features large parks with lakes, pagodas, and palaces ringed by a wall. Outside the wall are the Eight Outer Temples (外八庙), built in varying architectural styles drawn from throughout China. One of the best-known of these is the Putuo Zongcheng Temple, built to resemble the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. The resort and outlying temples were made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The nearby Puning Temple, built in 1755, houses the world's tallest wooden statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara.





Day 1: Pick up from capital airport and transfer to hotel.Try the bikes and have a Easy ride in Beijing Hutong area and Houhai Tianan men square in the afternoon.

Day 2: Beijing to Huairou Town 40km

We will transfer from downtown to the surburb and ride along farms cannals and Huairou Reservoir to Huairou Town where we spent the night.

Day3: Liulimiao-Tanghekou-Labagoumen-Fengning, 55km

All we had to ride are mountain roads today. Soon we arrived at Tanghekou,

Riding up on slopes is laborious, but rushing downhill is fantastic. That’s the happiness of the sport, the air was fresh and the sencery was enjoyable. 30km to Fengning


Day4 Fengning-Tucheng-Kulongshan-Datan, 40km

The road to Tucheng,which means town of dirt, was dusty and bumpy. Alone the road some people were selling agate stones digged nearby. There was a grove of trees, which was named “Friendship Grove of China and Japan.”

There were many singing grasshoppers in the bush.

The Second stair is something about Chinese geography. When you stare at a China’s topographic map, you can easily divide China’s territory into three parts. The first part contains the highest altitude regions, including Tibet and Qinghai province, that is the “First stair”. The east part is the lowest plain or hills. This is the “Third stair”. And the “Second stair” is the mid-altitude part between them. “Bashang” means “the top of the second stair”. That is to say, we were going to climb the second stair from the first stair. So we had to conquer the most horrible slope. The slopes that we rode previously were nothing compared with this.


simatai great wall

Day 5 Datan-Yuershan-Caoyuan-Duolun, 77km


The grassland of Datan has the reputation of “No.1 Grassland” north of Peking”. The ride will be memerable in your life.

The road is in high quality and no many slopes. The road was long and straight without any other landscape but grass. What worse, we couldn’t find any shadows under the sunshine! Because there were no trees on the flat grassland. Sometimes we might feel the road was endless.

A lot of larks were singing in the grass. Duolun is a county of Inner Mongolia. We had a big Monglian meal that night, including milk tea, finger mutton, dried milk cake and Mongolian noodles. The hotel was fine and the night of “Second stair” was cool. That was the most comfortable night since we came out.


Day 6

Duolun-Yudaokou-Jixielinchang, 100km

Saihanba National Forest Park. We got up early and had some Mogolian breakfast in the restaurant we patronized yesterday. Today’s journey was the easiest. We arrived at Yudaokou soon. After we had our lunch, turned north, we begain to march to Saihanba.

Riding to Saihanba was enjoyable. The road was in good quality and we still rode before the wind. What’s more, not like the way to Duolun, there were lot of flowers, butterflies, cows instead of pure grass. The hight is about 1500 here, not very high, but it not easy for us to come here from Beijing which is only tens of meters above the sea level.

We lived in a inn called Red Moon Inn, which provided imitative Mongolian yurts. “Extreme joy begets sorrow”, as the saying goes. We can do now was just sitting down peacefully to enjoy Bashang barbecue. Ok, that’s the end of today.


Day 7

Jixielinchang-Ulanbutong-General Pond-Ulanbutong-Jixielinchang, 20km×2

Today we made a round trip to Army Horse Ranch and General Pool, both located in Ulanbutong.

It’s a sea of flowers. However, hundreds of years ago, the beautiful grassland was cruel battlefield of Qing dynasty and their rebel army.


Day8: Jixielinchang-Weichang, 80km

Time flies, today we would leave the beautiful Grassland and arrive at Weichang County——back to the “First Stair” again. the forest was peaceful in the morning fog.until the Source of Luanhe River.


Day9: Weichang-Chengde, 50km of 140km

The gift is a 30km slope to Chengde.

Day 10: 0km

Chengde is famous for its Summer Resort, and 8 temple around it.Free day to Visit the Temples and the Resort .

Day 11: 60km Chengde - Simatai great wall

Day 12 :10KM Hiking

Hke the most beautiful part of the 5000KM long Great wall.

Day 13:Simatai to Miyun Reservoir 50KM

Leave the Great Wall by bike for Miyun Reservoir and out hotel nearby.

Day 14:Forbidden City 5km

Transfer back to hotel in Beijing by van,A free day to visit wonderful sights such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and Tiantan Park — there’s also a chance to bargain with traders for tea, silk and clothes in the narrow streets around Dazhalan,Qianmen.There is an evening show of Kungfu or Acrobatics or Beijing Opera.

Day 15:Temple of Heaven and Local Markets nearby

We have a free morning and afternoon in Beijing with an optional tour available to the Tibetan Temple and the Temple of Heaven. Conclude the trip and transfer to airport or train station for your next destination.

Transfer to the airport.







Schedule: Contact us with the dates that work for you.

Start location: Beijing, China.
Finish location: Beijing, China.

Tour type: Support vehicle is provided for the tour. Riders can rest on the van.

Geographical location: North China,0 meters to 500 meters)

Terrain: Flat, rolling hills.

Cycling tour level: Easy. Alternative transportation will be used when needed.

Total cycling distance: Approximately90 miles (150 km): Average distance per ride day: 50 km Cycling will be supplemented with vehicle transport on some days to reach the next point of interest.

Duration:15Days 14Nights

Meals: will primarily be Chinese food but the support vehicle will carry a wide selection of familiar easy-to-digest on-the-go snacks such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, and bananas. We will have unlimited water and Gatorade and one PowerBar per day.

Climate: continental monsoon climate. Temperatures are hot in summer and cold in winter.

This will be a vehicle-supported ride. This means that each rider will carry their day-use items and a support vehicle will carry the luggage (and riders if necessary) throughout the trip.

The prices are for double occupancy rooms, and will vary depending on the number of people who participate. This tour is limited to no more than ten people. This will permit more flexibility in the program and allow more spontaneity for taking photos or exploring villages along the way.

Prices include the following:
  1. Bilingual bicycle tour guide.
  2. All hotel room accommodations (double occupancy) for 14night.
  3. Meals eaten as group (private meals, snacks and alcoholic beverages are not included).
  4. All group transportation costs.
  5. All group entrance fees.
  6. A Rental Bike with panniers, lock, raincape, gloves and helmet is included.Spare wheels will be available for temporary usage in case of a flat.

Cost depends on the time of year. Below are the price per person (pp) and quoted in US dollars (US$) for non-holiday periods*:

Trip Price: dbl. occ.

  • 1 people US$4800 sgl. occ.
  • 2+ people US$3600pp (+US$800 for sgl. occ.)

If you decide to do something on your own, you will be responsible for those costs.


A deposit of $500 per person is required. This is fully refundable up to 72 Hours ,3 days prior to the start of the tour. Submission of a deposit will guarantee your place on the tour. Balance is due at the day prior to the beginning of the tour and payable by cash.


Qi Wang Lou Yard

In 1793 A.D.,Margotti, the special envoy of Britain and his entourage made a special trip to Chengde in order to pay a visit to Emperor Qianlong. While they were marching along Xidajie street, Emperor Qianlong, saw them in the distance in an elegant gate tower called Qiwanglou by him of the Mountain Resort EScaping from the Summer heat.

    Two hundred years over, the site where the Emperor Qianlong once watched the Britain envoys has become Qiwanglou Guesthouse---one of the first star ---graded tourist hotels which concern foreign affairs in Hebei Province opening to distinguished visitors both at home and abroad. Qiwanglou today remains an air of Chinese ancient imPerial garden. If you come here , you'll find the nature and the building like a palace are in perfect harmony. Lush green land, fresh flowers, hardy old pines and unique rockery, the carved beams and painted rafters with Chinese national characteristice, and the winding pathes and corridors must have attracted you so deeply that you'll forget to go home.

    Mang international friends and distinguished guests such as the HK governor, a Gambian President, members of royal family of Thailand, the inspection mission of UNSCO and some great leaders of the Party and state have lived in Qiwanglou Guesthouse.

    Qiwanglou Guesthouse awaits all the visitors both at home and abroad with an air of imperial palace, traditional national characteristics, the modern institutions and excellent scrvice. And it has been a better one in the tourism trade of Chengde---one of the well ---know historical and cultural cities in china.


Simatai Resort


Simatai Resort has elegant appearance in Chinese style,the sophisticated interiordecoration presents its dlicacy of the Chinese art.There are 13 classical Chinese styled rooms and one conference room .There are 2 courtyards in the resort and some scholar trees in the yard.It's such an enjoyable thing to have acup of green tea in the shade of the trees.You may taste the local delicacy as well

The room was very clean, good food, friendly staff.

Good location,inside the senery area of Simatai great wall, can hear the water falls,have the great wall views.








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