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Bike Beijing
Bike Beijing


BB23 Marco Polo Bridge to Shidu Ferry Biking Tour (2day)


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The Lugou Bridge is well-known because it was highly praised by the Venetian traveler Marco Polo during his visit to China in the 13th century (the bridge was later known in Europe simply as the Marco Polo Bridge), and for the Marco Polo Bridge incident, which marked the beginning of the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945).

"Over this river there is a very fine stone bridge, so fine indeed, that it has very few equals in the world." - The Diary of Marco Polo


Shidu - Ten Ferry

The Shi Du (Ten Ferry Crossing) scenic spot is the most typical canyon full of karst, ridges and peaks and is the closest to the capital city, unique in the northern part, and the biggest in Huabei province. The canyon features 12 marvelous geological sites such as natural "Stone Buddha", "Flied over Stone", "One Line Sky", "Buddha" character of the dragon mountain, "Water Flowing Up", "Stone in the Stone" and so forth. It has enjoyed the fine reputation of being the "green mountain and wild ferry, decorated corridors of hundred miles" for years. The Juma river is just like a piece of jade ribbon winding circuitously, passing through the mountains, complementing each other with the peaks and forests. The scenery has North China's imposing character, it also carries the elegance of South of Yangtzi River. In 1986, Shi Du was evaluated as one of the new 16 sceneries of Beijing, and it was included in Beijing's first batch of scenic spots in 1999.

10 scenic spots: Orphaned Mountain Village, Immortal Peak Valley, Ten-Thousand Scenery Immortal Ditch, Big Canyon of South, Pu Du Mountain Village, Martyrs' Cemetery of PingXi Resistance Against Japan, Immortal Dwelled Cave, Mountain of Pond in the Sky, West Lake Ferry, and Five-Star Gorge.

Entertainment spots: JuMa Paradise, Nine-Ferry Drifting, Eight-Ferry Boat Paddling, Six-Ferry Boat Paddling, and Qingjiang Nine-Dragon Deep Pond and so on. They provide extreme jumps, cliff parachuting, ropeway, crag climbing, sky gliding, drifting, boat pedaling, canoeing, vehicle surfing, motorboating, sand beach bathing, swimming, horse riding and many other programs.

Ye Shan Po




simatai great wall






Day 1 - Pick up from your Beijing hotel or capital Airport. Transfer to Wangping town,the old town near Marco polo bridge,then Reassemble bikes. Start the ride to Marco polo bridge,then ride to explore Shiwo(stone carving town),it comes to the first ferry,cycle to the tenth to Shidu after lunch,the river which will be crossed for ten times. Have dinner and stay for the night. Rafting,rock climbing, bungee jumping available for extra activities.

Day 2 - Get up early with hearing the birds singing. Today will ride in the canyon and beside the Juma river, further to Yeshanpo village.Return Downtown in the afternoon by van.





Schedule: Contact us with the dates that work for you.Recomended from April 1st to November.

Start location: Beijing, China.
Finish location: Beijing, China.

Tour type: Support vehicle is provided for the tour.Riders can rest on the van,do not need to carry luggage on bike..

Geographical location:Shidu is the only natural scenic spot in north China that is characterized by karst peak forests and river valley topography.

Terrain: The varied terrain -- the winding river course, deep here and shallow there, broad here and narrow there, and the rolling hills, sometimes undulating sharply and sometimes slightly -- forms the distinctive style of the scenic spot.

Cycling tour level: Easy. Van accompany.

Total cycling distance: Approximately38 miles (60 km): Average distance per ride day: 30 km Cycling will be supplemented with vehicle transport to reach the next point of interest.

Duration:2Days 1Night

Meals: will primarily be Chinese food but the support vehicle will carry a wide selection of familiar easy-to-digest on-the-go snacks such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, and bananas. We will have unlimited water and Gatorade and one Power Bar per day.

This will be a vehicle-supported ride. This means that each rider will carry their day-use items and a support vehicle will carry the luggage (and riders if necessary) throughout the trip.

The prices are for double occupancy rooms, and will vary depending on the number of people who participate. This tour is limited to no more than ten people. This will permit more flexibility in the program and allow more spontaneity for taking photos or exploring villages along the way.

Prices include the following:
  1. Bilingual bicycle tour guide.
  2. All hotel room accommodations (double occupancy) for 1 night.
  3. Meals eaten as group (private meals, snacks and alcoholic beverages are not included).
  4. All group transportation costs.
  5. All group entrance fees.
  6. A Rental Bike with panniers, lock, raincape, gloves and helmet is included.Spare wheels will be available for temporary usage in case of a flat.

Trip Price: dbl. occ.

  • 1 people US$590 sgl. occ.
  • 2+ people US$480 pp (+US$50 for sgl. occ.)

If you decide to do something on your own, you will be responsible for those costs.


A deposit of $100 per person is required. This is fully refundable up to 72 Hours ,3 days prior to the start of the tour. Submission of a deposit will guarantee your place on the tour. Balance is due at the day prior to the beginning of the tour and payable by cash.


Beijing Bijia Hill Resort

Beijing Bijia Hill Resort is located in the famous scenic spot Shidu is a novel architectural style garden-style hotels. The Villa set accommodation, conference, office, entertainment and recreation as a whole, facilities, services perfection, is all kinds of meetings and an ideal tourism market.
Beijing Bijia Hill Resort has various types of rooms, suites, elegant furnishings, comfortable. Room are equipped with air-conditioning, telephone, cable TV and so on. Banquet hall can accommodate 200 people at a time, and with a large, Xiaoya present; food, dishes according to high, medium and low block to offer mountain flavor and taste, to meet the needs of all walks of life. By halls and four meeting rooms consisting of small and medium sized conference center can accommodate different sizes of meetings, training and academic exchanges.
Beijing Bijia Hill Resort is also a green secluded breeding base, where they can pick their own vegetables and fruits to produce their own, and truly understand the feeling of returning to nature.








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