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Bike Beijing
Bike Beijing
Beijing Great Wall
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  Mutianyu Great Wall
  Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall
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Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall

Jinshanling section of Great Wall stretches from Miyun of Beijing to Luanping of Hebei province. Slightly west to Simatai Great Wall.
People regarded these two sections of Great Wall as the most typical sections of Chinese Great Wall as well as the best preserved under little restorations.
Jianshanling and Simatai Great Wall attract the people at home and abroad , most of them are aspired of adventurous hiking. Every section has its own unique feature , so do Jinshanling and Simatai Great Wall.
For Jinshanling Great Wall , people say that the reason why many people even foreigners are attracted could be:
First, the unprecedented density of the watch tower. It has just 13km long , but with 90 watchtowers. The internal of watchtower is about 100m. in some place with more steep, complex terrain, there would be a watchtower every 50m. such density of watch tower is really rarely seen on the whole Great Wall. Besides the defense project on Jinshanling is especially strong because of its complex terrain, every beacon tower was made full use of the vantage points, by this way to control the high vantage points and better protect the Great Wall.
The “Barrier Wall” is another unique feature of Jinshanling, the Barrier Wall was built vertically and parallel to the battlements with peep holes and arrow holes in it. This wall was served as the second barrier if the enemy climbed up the Great Wall.

Regarding the Simatai Great Wall , this sections is about 19km long with 35 magnificent watch towers. It joined Jingshanling Great Wall in the west and started the “Tower for Watching the Capital” in the east.
Simatai Great Wall is widely-known for its dangerous and precipitous unique feature. Because many parts of the Great Wall here were built on steep mountain slopes or on the sheer cliffs. It has every essential walls, watch towers ,battlements and parapets although its terrain rises and falls sharply. So local people give some parts of the wall a nickname “ heavenly Ladder”, simply because of those walls built on the sheer cliffs.
Besides the “heavenly Ladder”, the “heavenly Bridge “ is a more peculiar one. It’s a path over a precipice, about 100m long and 3 or 4 feet wide, which across abysses that about 500m deep. With nothing to hold on to , the slightest wind will make people tremble with fear. So when you give a visit here, you must pay high attention to safety. No wonder one of our Great Wall experts said that: Simatai Great Wall is the Greatest one of the whole length of the Great Wall. Because the “heavenly ladder” and “heavenly bridge”are all no repaired path, so today very few people have reached there.