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Bike Beijing
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Function of the Great Wall in Chinese History

Many of my friends have asked me such kind of questions like : “why the emperors in different dynasties spent so much manpower and material resources to build the Great Wall “, “ what composed the main manpower?” “ what’s the construction methods” etc.
Regarding the Manpower of the Great Wall building work was composed of soldiers defending the frontier, exiles and convicts , plus the local laborers. Most of them did the job under the threat of swords and whips.
The Great wall twists and runs mostly in the mountains and deserts , some parts even turns up the steep cliff and suddenly down deep valleys , at that time, except manpower there was no machinery like today,
The common transportation method was to carry the building materials by backbreaking labor
without any use of machinery at all, it was really unimaginably difficult job at that time, especially because some of the stone blocks were as big as over 1,000kg a piece in weight.

Today, the Great Wall has lost its significance in defending the enemy, but in ancient times the Great Wall not only a strong defensive project but also played a very important military and economic role .