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Bike Beijing
Bike Beijing
Beijing Travel Guide
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A brief introduction to Beijing

The Character of Beijing city:
Beijing is the capital of the People’s republic of China and it’s the place where the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the Central People’s Government of China are located. During the long process of the Chinese history , Beijing had been the capitals for five dynasties, they are Liao, Jin, Yuan , Ming and Qing dynasties. So Beijing become the cultural, economic and political center of China since time immemorial as well as a world famous ancient city . this fast changing city gives an impression of a modern city with strong traditional flavors.

Climate of Beijing
Beijiing enjoys a typical moderate continental climate. It’s a typical city where the four seasons are very distinct: spring comes from Apr. to May is warm with beautiful flowers decorated, but dry and windy . summer is hot , sometimes humid and rainy, the rainy days usually is from July to August . the best season in Beijing is Autumn. It’s cool and much comfortable with bright sunny sky. Winter is clear but cold with little snows now.


Trees in Beijing
In order to improve and further protect the environment of the city, the government have decorated the city with more and more afforested areas in and around Beijing. The most popular trees in Beijing are : poplar, locust, willow trees, cypress, pine and ginkgo trees, etc.
The locust trees and cypress trees are chose as Beijing City Trees and the City Flowers are Chinese Rose and Chrysanthemum. Why? Simply because the locust are good for Beijing’s cold, dry and windy climate , Cypress is the symbol of longevity. Chinese rose and chrysanthemum are very beautiful and lovely, people like them so much . Hence, we have plant a lot of such kind of trees and flowers for the beautification of Beijing. That’s why we can see so many catkins, which willows and poplars give , fluttering and waving in the air when spring is coming , it’s looks like catkin-snows in spring.

Beijing is a metropolis with a huge population. According to the sampling survey in 2005, Beijing has nearly 16 million permanent residence with a transients of more than 3.5millon a year.
Beijing is the third largest city in china, just next to Chongqi and Shanghai. Along with chongqi, Shanghai and Tianjin , Beijing is one of the four municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of the central government.

The Huge populations of Beijing consist of 56 nationalities. Han people accounts for about 95%, and the other 5% belong to the ethnical minorities, such as Mongolian, Tibetan, Hui(Muslim),Manchu ,etc

China’s basic policy on religion is to respect and protect the freedom of religious belief. Everybody enjoy the freedom of belief. There are five mains in Beijing, even whole china. They are : Buddhism, Taoism , Islam, Christianity and Catholic. The Buddhist temples, Taoist temples, Islam Mosque, Catholic church an Christianity church are all available in Beijing. The Mosque at Niujie is a typical Arabesque Islam Mosque as well as the largest and longest in the history of the Islam Mosque in Beijing. It was built in 955 in Liao dynasty.

The Public Bus
To a great extant, we can say the public transportation system has witnessed the rapidly changes of this ancient city. In 1949, there are only 103 tramcars and 61buses with only 4 bus lines in the whole city. But today, within half a century development, Beijing has nearly 622 bus lines and a total of 19,000 public buses and 66,600taxis (up to 2006) on the streets and the number is keeping growing every year. About the colors of the transportations, there are mainly three : green, yellow and red.
Color green symbolize the environmental protection. Yellow represents this ancient imperial capital city, and red stands for the public transportation.
Taking a public bus, it just costs one RMB and if you have a public transportation card, you will get 60% off to swipe your card.

The Roads in Beijing
The roads and streets of Beijing are built on the principle of “Rings encircling the city ”,Up to today, Beijing has 6 rings roads. Many expressways and highways stretch to the suburbs and different provinces .
In Beijing, each streets and roads are almost have Bicycle Lanes specially used for biking. Beijing has a nick name : the “kingdom of Bicycles”, it’s a very convenient ways of transportations, especially in a crowed city like Beijing. Many of the Beijingers get on and off the work by Bikes to avoid the traffic jam and crowed bus seats.
There are many avenues and boulevards in the city, the most famous one is Chang’an Avenue ( Everlasting peace Avenue), runs from east to west in front of Tian’anmen Square through the right center of the old city. It’s about over 46km long and 70m wide range from Tongzhou District in the east to Shijingshan District in the west . there are the broadest Bicycle Lanes on Chang’an Avenue in front of the Tian’anmen Rostrum.

Subway In Beijing
Considering the subways in Beijing , there are Line 1, Line2, line5, Line 10, Line13 and Airport Express Subways. Because of the increasing traffic pressure, more subway lines are undertook by the government. These new lines will be in motion in about2012. By this way to release the heavy traffic stress on the streets.

Airport Shuttle Bus
For the Airport Express , there are seven different ways with a single price of 16RMB, it’s free for showing your airplane tickets to take it .
Besides, there is a airport railway that start from Dongzhimen and pass by Sanyuanqiao and then directly to the airport. It conducted in a single price of 25RMB.